About us

Link Supply expert in cable management


LINK SUPPLY was founded in March 2017 and is 100% owned by Danish partners. LINK SUPPLY is part of LINK SOLUTIONS Group, which includes LINK SUPPLY Germany and Denmark as well as Link United, the center of research and development and with manufacturing capabilities with extrusion and conversion.

The concept is based on years of experience within the cable protection, identification and connectivity markets, both on the sourcing and engineering side, commercially as well as technically.

On the insulation and protection products, we primarily offer the extensive portfolio of various manufacturers of  heat shrinkable tubing, which all are high-tech enterprises specializing in R&D, manufacturing and sale of radiation cross-linked heat shrinkable materials. LINK SUPPLY acts as the key partner, stockist with proper logistics setup in and distribution out of Denmark and  technical competence center in Germany with global reach and access.

Together with our partners, our long-term strategy is to develop a reliable business with products from our key partners in Far East as well as throughout Europe.

Why should you choose us?

LINK SUPPLY operates as an extended arm for our partners to introduce and channel their products and bring those products to the market as firsts in line.

Ready for the European business and stored in our warehouse in Odense, Denmark with an excellent infrastructure and highly competitive transportation services.

This will be a great benefit for our actual customers and possible future customers.

Our German and English  technical communication skills allows us to  detail  all customer questions and problems direct with the responsible departments from the manufacturing, quality assurance and research and development.

LINK SUPPLY operates on a fully documented ISO9001:2015 platform and will soon certify.

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